SA-66 Electronic Lock – Product Focus

SA-66 Eletronic Lock

SA-66 Electronic Lock – Product Focus

The SA-66 Electronic Lock is a revolutionary low voltage motor driven door lock for 90º swing doors. It has been designed to secure single acting doors and addresses the two biggest issues in door locking; the ability to align a misaligned door and the ability to release when requested, even with excessive load on the door.

Also known as the ALP210H or YD30M.

Its small footprint ensures this mini electronic side load lock can be installed in most locations. The Sa-66 electronic side load lock is typically used in commercial doors and controlled by access control systems. Given its small size yet strong and reliable operation the it is suited for most single acting door applications.

SA-66 Electronic Lock – Features

12 – 24VDC voltage input.
Door misalignment of 8mm is automatically corrected.
Will pull a door into a secured position against a seal.
Releases instantly when requested even with 100kg side load on the door.
Less than 50mA standby current.
Door and Bolt position monitoring.
On site conversion from Fail Safe to Fail Secure.
Stainless Steel material throughout lock components.
Holding force: 1000kg (10,000N) with an automatic dead-bolting pin.
Most suited application: Secure single-action doors
Integrated access control that offers multiple attempts to lock and unlock, anti-tamper and auto-relock.

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