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Alpro YD30M SA-66 Cobalt Mini Electric Side Load Lock and Strike Plate

Alpro YD30M SA-66 Cobalt Mini Electric Side Load Lock and Strike Plate


  • 12 – 24VDC voltage input
  • Less than 50mA standby current
  • Door and Bolt position monitoring
  • On site conversion from Fail Safe to Fail Secure

The Alpro YD30M Cobalt-mini also known as the SA-66 (or ALP210H) is a revolutionary low voltage motor driven door lock for 90 degree swing doors.

Single acting doors now have two of their biggest locking issues addressed; the ability to align a misaligned door and the ability to release when requested, even with excessive load on the door. The SA-66 successfully overcomes these issues and does it all within a very small footprint whilst still offering the user an array of other features.

Alpro YD30M Specification:

  • 12 – 24VDC voltage input.
  • Door misalignment of 8mm is automatically corrected.
  • Will pull a door into a secured position against a seal.
  • Releases instantly when requested even with 100kg side load on the door.
  • Less than 50mA standby current.
  • Door and Bolt position monitoring.
  • On site conversion from Fail Safe to Fail Secure.
  • Stainless Steel material throughout lock components.
  • Holding force: 1000kg (10,000N) with an automatic dead-bolting pin.
  • Most suited application: Secure single-action doors
  • Integrated access control that offers multiple attempts to lock and unlock, anti-tamper and auto-relock.

Surface mounting a lock and/or strike with the aid of the Alpro YD30M accessories offers more flexibility in installation and makes securing glass doors possible. Dress plates are offered to give a ‘clean’ finish when a housing has been installed onto glass. The housing and dress plate are supplied with self-adhesive tape for instant application to glass doors and frame.

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