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Wireless Audio Entry Equipment

Wireless Audio Entry Equipment


GB Locking Systems provide a wide range of Wireless Audio Entry systems. They are an ideal solution for sites where it is difficult to cable from the entry panel to the audio handsets.

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Wireless Audio Entry: Access control with complete freedom

Wireless Audio Entry is a flexible solution for users requiring convenience of portability and ease of use. The wireless equipment is designed for residential properties and offices, and is particularly adaptable to existing buildings.

Advanced Access Control

Multi-applications, the wireless intercom facilitates the filtering of visitors, remote listening & 2-way speech, remote operation of electric locks, operation of automatic gates & barriers, garage doors, and lighting (up to 16 remote operations).

Perfect freedom of movement and control

  • The portable wireless handset provides digital communication full duplex (hands free or hand held), performing equally well outside as well as inside. Handsets also have direct inter-handset intercom capability.
  • At the external call point users can control access via proximity cards or an optional integrated keypad.

Optimised security: The handset LCD screen

  • indicates the status of the entrance (opened or closed),
  • information feedback and scrolling text.

Installation and programming reduced to the minimum

  • No cable to be installed between the handsets and the entrances (driveway gate, pedestrian gates, garage doors, or lighting).
  • No civil engineering needed. No trenching outside or running cables inside: the anti-vandal call point is slim fitting surface mount so does not require rebating into the wall or gate post.
  • The reversible base of the handset charging base allows table top or wall mounting. The call points can manage 1 or 2 residences or offices. The control box and the handset are equipped with concealed integrated antenna.
  • For ease of parameter setting, the handset is provided with 6 buttons and a navigator button covered by a hinged flap, and scrolling menus on the LCD screen.

Built-in options to personalise and expand the system

  • For improved ease of use, many functions are programmable: The call point is backlit, text names can be entered to identify up to 4 entrances.
  • A very simple management of the proximity badges, PIN codes and ring tones.
  • Option to identify entrances by individual ring tones.
  • Multilingual handset.
  • Handset belt clips.
  • It is possible to add additional handsets and entry call points (up to 4 handsets per call point).

Wireless Audio Entry Equipment


A range of power supply and call point options:

  • Control box and call point powered by mains, lithium power pack, or solar panel, all with rechargeable battery back-up.
  • Handsets with built-in rechargeable batteries, recharged via mains powered or lithium power pack bases.
  • Call points with built-in badge readers, and with or without keypad.


Optwin® technology, guaranteed security and performance

The Optwin® technology is based on bi-directional dual channel radio transmission to ensure guaranteed secure reception, it offers an evolutionary solution, powerful and simple to implement.

Optwin Wireless Audio Entry Equipment


  • Bi-channel radio: inter-equipment communication via two frequencies in 868MHz band, and audio communication via a frequency automatically selected amongst four in the 863MHz high flow band.
  • Bi-directional radio transmission with auto-selection of the most favourable channel, for optimal high fidelity 2-way speech. • Secure radio transmission, using encoding of the messages based on the use of a rolling code and a key exchanged between transmitter and receiver.


Up to 5 years of battery life

  • The handset and the control box are supplied with the choices of mains power or lithium battery power pack, offering up to 5 years of battery life according to the conditions of use.
  • A rechargeable battery fitted in the handset, provides up to 15 days of power when off its charging base.


Daitem guarantees, up to 3 years warranty

Daitem provides a guarantee for parts and labour of 2 years. This guarantee can be extended to 3 years on the majority of the products upon return and registration of the certificate of guarantee, according to Daitem conditions.


Wireless Audio Entry Equipment

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