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Videx Smartline Telephone (3011)

Videx Smartline Telephone (3011)


  • Wall mount white ABS telephone with call tone input
  • 3 position volume control
  • Lock release button.

Smartline telephone (Calltone): Wall mount white ABS telephone with call tone input, 3 position volume control and lock release button.

The 3000 series intercoms and video intercoms are the result of specific research and development into new designs and materials. One of the main new features is a 3 level volume control for the electronic call tone. The 3000 intercoms and video intercoms series are compatible with the 900 series (which will remain in production) and can be installed on the same system (except the VX2200 digital systems); the only difference between the 3000 and 900 series is that the 3000 series call is electronic as opposed to an AC buzzer on the 900 series. The 3000 series
intercoms and videointercoms are available with additional services including:

– Privacy of call;
– Privacy of speech;
– Door open signalling.

The ‘Privacy of call’ is a service that allows the user to enable or disable incoming calls. The service can be timed or untimed:

– Timed privacy will automatically switch off after the programmed time elapses;
– Untimed privacy must be switched on and off by the user.

The ‘Privacy of speech’ disables the telephone when not in use. With this service the user has two advantages:

– The user has a private conversation with the door;
– The lock can only be released by the user who is talking to the door.

On the digital systems VX2000, VX2200 and VX2300 the privacy of speech is standard on all intercom and videointercom units.

The ‘Door open signalling’ is a service that will give the user a visual indication of whether the door is open or closed:

– LED ON door open;
– LED OFF door closed.

To use this service, an additional wire is required from a door contact to the intercom.

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