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Stainless Steel Posts

All Videx Posts are manufactured from 80mm x 80mm brushed stainless steel and incorporate a substantial 200mm x 200mm x 8mm base plate with 4 x 14mm diameter fixing holes to secure the unit.


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There are five posts to choose from, all incorporate universal product mounting fixtures which allow the attachment of the door panels or access control units.



Application  Height
Pedestrian 1.6 metres
Pedestrian (Dual) 1.2 metres and 1.6 metres
Car 1.2 metres
Car / HGV (Dual) 1.2 metres and 2 metres
HGV 2 metres



Standard Stainless Steel Posts
SP930 Pedestrian height post
SP920 Dual height pedestrian post
SP940 Car height post
SP910 Car / HGV post
SP911 HGV post
Other Post sizes available on request


4000 Series mounting plates
SMP4881 S/S mounting plate for 4881 box
SMP4882 S/S mounting plate for 4882 box
SMP4883 S/S mounting plate for 4883 box
SMP4884 S/S mounting plate for 4884 box
SMP4886 S/S mounting plate for 4886 box
SMP4889 S/S mounting plate for 4889 box


Standard Stainless Steel back boxes
SBB810 S/S box for 125mm x 220mm panels
SBB815 S/S box for 180mm x 180mm panels
SBB820 S/S box for 180mm x 256mm panels
SBB825 S/S box for 200mm x 350mm panels
SBB830 S/S box for 200mm x 420mm panels
SBB831 S/S box for 200mm x 520mm panels
SBB835 S/S box for audio VR digital panels
SBB840 S/S box for audio/prox VR digital panel
SBB840 S/S box for video VR digital panel
SBB845 S/S box for video/prox VR digital panel


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