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EMS1200 Shearlock

The EMS1200 compact shearlock magnet is available in mortice or surface mount models (including glass mount) and offer slimline dimensions whilst maintaining high physical security.

EMS1200 Shearlock

EMS1200 Shearlock is available in mortice or surface mounted options. A glass mount kit is also available. The lock has a holding force of 1200lb and has a built-in pcb controller with switch selectable features and plug in 3 metre flying head. Hall effect monitored as standard.


magnet163mm L x 30mm W x 35mm D
armature163mm L x 30mm W x 32mm D


12vdc – 1150mA activation 290mA quiescent

24vdc – 1550mA activation 160mA quiescent

Product Codes:

EMS1200MMortice shearlock 12/24vdc
EMS1200SSurface mount shearlock 12/24vdc c/w 2 housings
EMS1200MSSurface mount shearlock 12/24vdc c/w 1 housing
GDC1200Glass door clamp (10-12mm) one per surface housing
FP1200-1Aluminium filler plate 1mm thick
FP1200-2Aluminium filler plate 2mm thick
FP1200-6Aluminium filler plate 6mm thick
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