Are you having problems with the locking of double action doors?

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Are you having problems with the locking of double action doors?

If you’re struggling to lock double action doors, take a look at GB Locking Systems DS3000 Double Action Door Lock. It is a Genuine Fail Safe device which can lock a double action door with a misalignment of up to 10mm!

The unique rollerbolt mechanism and angled strike plate enable the lock to release under side pressure. This makes it a genuinely fail safe device as per the requirements of NFS-61937. The lock is also much more sympathetic than a standard shearlock to doors which do not align properly and will pull a door in with a misalignment of up to 10mm.

We have now had these locks fitted in buildings such as Hospitals where double action doors have always been a problem to lock electronically. The results have proven them to be a success.

• Emergency exits
• High traffic doors

• Where safety & security are required
• Where height of opening is critical
• Double or single action doors

• Electromagnetic lock with the bolt monitored in both positions
• Bolt thrown by solenoid
• External LED indication of lock status

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