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DS3000 Genuine Failsafe Double Action Door Lock

DS3000 Genuine Failsafe Double Action Door Lock

GB Locking Systems DS3000 Double Action Door Lock, Genuine Fail Safe Lock, Will lock a double action door with a misalignment of up to 10mm

GB Locking Systems
DS3000 – Standard lock for Single door


  • Genuine fail open lock – will release under side pressure
  • Will lock a door with a misalignment of up to 10mm
  • Brackets available for most applications
  • 24vdc 0.5A power requirements
  • Monitored as standard

The unique rollerbolt mechanism and angled strike plate enable the lock to release under side pressure making it a genuinely fail safe device as per the requirements of NFS-61937. The lock is also much more sympathetic than a standard shearlock to doors which do not align properly and will pull a door in with a misalignment of up to 10mm. We have now had these locks fitted in buildings such as Hospitals where double action doors have always been a problem to lock electronically and they have proven to be a success.



13010099L bracket for DS3000 to fit unit under transom on single action door
0902013825mm spacer for the armature where door / frame is not flush – Max 1 per lock
090010056U Bracket for glass door fitting


Dimension of lock:230 x 75 x 65mm
Dimension of strike:230 x 75 x 40mm
Holding Force:Up to 600daN
(Dependent on installation type)




Double Door Version


Equipment Use:

All types of two-leaf doors,
Separate use of the right and left doors possible
Intensive use, even on pivot-mounted or spring loaded double hinge swinging doors (refurbishment)

  • Current: 1.0A @ 24V
  • Lock dimensions: 500 x 75 x 65 mm
  • Strike dimensions: 230 x 75 x 40 mm (x2)


GB Locking Systems Ltd

GB Locking Systems
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GB Locking Systems Ltd

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