Waferlock Electronic Cylinder – Product Focus

Waferlock Electronic Cylinder

Waferlock Electronic Cylinder – Product Focus

Our Waferlock Electronic Cylinder is IP67 rated for external use – as demonstrated in the below video:


Waferlock Electronic Cylinder – Product Specification

  • Operating Temperature: -25 degrees- +70 degrees
  • Cylinder Length: 30/30 to 90/90mm Variation 5mm step from 30 up to 90 on each side
  • EN1303 EURO Profile Cylinder
  • Anti Twist – Stainless Steel Bar
  • Anti-Drill Protection
  • Battery Life: Standby 3 Years or 40,000 Operations
  • Battery: CR2 x 1
  • NFC compatibility
  • Transponder: MIFARE Classic (13.56Mhz)
  • Available for e-Link, HPMS, CPMS, Standalone applications


This product saves you the problem of lost keys whilst also being a wire-free solution. It is completely battery powered!

Existing mortice lock cases can be used- simply swap the mechanical cylinder with this electronic one.  The Waferlock cylinders are available as a double cylinder, single cylinder or cylinder & turn.

This can be operated completely standalone and programmed using cards. Alternatively, this can be part of an e-link networked system – alongside online wall readers and controllers. Get in touch with us and we can help you decide which solution would be best for your site.

This can be supplied with either key fobs or user cards – we can even offer card printing with your choice of graphics!

For more information visit https://gblockingsystems.co.uk/locking-systems/e-link-c-700-ip67-electronic-cylinders/

This product is manufactured by Waferlock.

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