Product Focus: Waferlock IP67 Electronic Cylinder


Product Focus: Waferlock IP67 Electronic Cylinder

Our Waferlock electronic cylinders are IP67 rated for external use – as demonstrated in the below video:

Product Information-

Operating Temperature: -25 degrees- +70 degrees

Cylinder Length: 30/30 to 90/90mm Variation 5mm step from 30 up to 90 on each side

EN1303 EURO Profile Cylinder

Anti Twist – Stainless Steel Bar

Anti-Drill Protection

Battery Life: Standby 3 Years or 40,000 Operations

Battery: CR2 x 1

NFC compatibility

Transponder: MIFARE Classic (13.56Mhz)

Available for e-Link, HPMS, CPMS, Standalone applications

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