Shared Bathroom Solution

GB Locking Systems Shared bathroom Access System

N.B. The lock voltage is dependant on PSU option
Overview:The Prox sensors will function without actual touch, work through gloves and are washable.
The entire label is sensitive. Visually enhanced labels. (Bespoke option).
Swing Door:Leaving the door in an unlocked state enables manual or assisted entry.
This encourages the users to locate the ‘touch to lock’ sensor therefore ensuring tha t the system has been switc hed into the ‘engaged’ mode before using the facility. (Permanently locked door version is possible with key fob entry, etc.)
Entering:Either manually or with ‘assisted entry’ the door must be shut before the ‘touch to lock’ sensor will function, therefore inhibiting pranksters.
This is achieved by the use of a normally closed magnetic door contact. (Preferably incorporated within the lock, hall effect sensing Mag-Locks will not function).
Simply operate the ‘touch to lock – touch to open’ sensor to lock the door. The red LEDs will illuminate on both internal and external units denoting ‘engaged / locked’. The ‘assisted entry’ sensor will no longer function.
Exiting:Simply operate the ‘touch to lock – touch to open’ sensor, the red LED changes to blue and the door will unlock and open automatically (if an operator is fitted).
Sliding Door:An additional timer PCB can be adjusted to keep the door open on entry until the system has been set to the ‘engaged / lock’ mode, whereon operating the ‘touch to lock – touch to open’ sensor closes and locks the door, therefore ensuring privacy.
Vacant / Engaged:A link on the PCB enables flashing or solid status LEDs blue for vacant, red for engaged. (We have incorporated blue as opposed to green due to colour-blind users finding difficulty distinguishing between red and green). A separate engaged / vacant sign is also available (SGENG).
Sensors / Signage:Any combination of sensor can be incorporated (bespoke label option).
Power Supply:A 12 or 24v 1A battery bac ked power supply can be incorporated.

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