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SEN/H/T4 – Sentry 4 Channel Transmitter Code Hopping

SEN/H/T4 – Sentry 4 Channel Transmitter Code Hopping


  • 4 button
  • Power by ready available internal 12v batteries (L1028 12 volt)
  • Size- 65mm x 32mm x 14mm.


Sentry 3 channel transmitter Code Hopping short range frequency @433.92 MHz, range up to 100 metres in clear line of sight.

High Security Code Hopping factory coded (over 260 million combinations, 66 bit)

4 channel transmitters and 1 & 3 channel receivers. (Up to 32 transmitters can be used with each 1 channel receiver and up to 8 transmitters with each 3 channel receiver) for up to 1000 users please refer to the SEN/H1000/R1, All transmitters have their own individual unique code)

The SENTRY Code Hopping transmitters are secure products utilizing KEELOQ encryption, operating in the 433MHz range. These are standard encrypted remote controls that generate unique encrypted transmissions with each keypress. Employing secure KEELOQ encryption, they provide the ultimate level of security- they are exceptionally resistant to code grabbing.

Each transmitter is unique and contains a unique serial number that is never duplicated. KEELOQ is a trademark of Microchip Technology Inc.

  • 4 button
  • Key fob type
  • Cased in high quality ABS / PVC
  • 433.92MHz
  • Surface mounted technology
  • SAW resonator stabilised
  • Power by ready available internal 12v batteries (L1028 12 volt)
  • Output power +1- 0,25mW.
  • Stability + 1- 50 KHz.
  • Size- 65mm x 32mm x 14mm.
  • Range up to l00 meters clear line of sight (dependent).

* Code Hopping transmitters & receivers are not compatible with French Rolling.

Sentry Code Hopping Brochure

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