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SEN/R/R3 – Sentry 3 Channel Receiver French Rolling Code

SEN/R/R3 – Sentry 3 Channel Receiver French Rolling Code


  • 3 channel
  • Latch/pulse selectable
  • External power12 to 24v required (AC or DC)


Sentry 3 channel receiver for unlimited users/transmitters

Sentry French Rolling code short range frequency @433.92 MHz, range up to 100 metres in clear line of sight.

Compatible with French Rolling code transmitters (dip switch coding 1,048,576 combinations, 28 bit)

1 & 3 channel receivers. (Will accept an unlimited number of transmitters per receiver, all transmitters must be set to the same code)

  • 3 channel
  • 433.92MHz
  • Surface mounted technology
  • SAW resonator stabilised
  • Latch/pulse selectable
  • Normally opened/normally closed contacts
  • AC or DC
  • External power12 to 24v required
  • Sensitivity 11 OdBm +
  • Potential free relay outputs
  • Change over
  • 3 Amp maximum for 3 CH 10m Amp maximum for 1 CH
  • UHF

Sentry French Rolling Code Brochure

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