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One Door Nortech Standalone Kit

One Door Nortech Standalone Kit

The Nortech NanoQuest is a secure, single door self-contained access control system. A compact one-piece proximity card reader/access controller combination that supports up to 500 users.


Nortech NanoQuest

The Nortech NanoQuest is an easy-to-install standalone access control system housing both the access control electronics and reader technology in a single compact unit.

A single NanoQuest unit can control access through one door for up to 500 authorised users. In addition to providing access control, the NanoQuest can be used as a secure method of controlling devices such as intruder alarm panels, lighting and heating. It can also control external alarm devices such as a siren or flashing light when one of the predefined alarm conditions occurs.

The configuration of features and the addition/removal of user cards are simple operations using a ‘Master’ card. Special ‘Auxiliary’ cards can also be added to control auxiliary devices.

The NanoQuest can also output card data in RS232 format to an external system while it controls access autonomously. This can be used to monitor the use of cards or provide additional control. It can also be set to ‘Reader’ mode where it simply outputs card data in both RS232 and 26-bit Wiegand format so that it can be used as a standard reader connected to an external controller in any future migration to a larger system.

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The kit can be modified to suit your needs e.g. different electric lock, more fobs

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