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PROXIMITY P Series compact readers

PROXIMITY P Series compact readers

The PROXIMITY P series compact readers are part of the Compact range from Paxton. The P series range includes three different sizes of reader.

PROXIMITY P series compact readers

An access control unit and reader in one

The PROXIMITY P series compact readers are part of the Compact range from Paxton. The P series compact range includes three different sizes and offers a screw connector option.

All compacts are standalone, meaning that they do not use a PC in their set up. The Compact products are a control unit and reader in one; they are great for lower security internal and external doors that need to have restricted access.

Compacts are easy to install and easy to use. Because Paxton have made fitting Compact so simple, no specialist installation training is needed and it does not cause disruption to a site. The easy card pack management is a huge bonus for customers. Paxton Compacts are so much simpler than the competition; you just enrol one card and the whole pack is registered. There is also a straightforward way to bar cards if they get lost. Simple, economic and user-friendly.

Compact is a cost effective way of securing smaller sites or individual doors that need access control. They are designed to look smart as well as offer security. Compact really is the best option for any site that requires great looking, economic access control.


Proximity compact is a single door access control system. All of the electronics are within the housing of the reader. Compact systems can be installed to many doors over a site, all using the same cards. The P series readers are supplied with a choice of black or white fascias that can be fitted in the final stages of installation. Replacement fascias are available to Paxton Access registered installers free of charge.



• An access control system that’s easy to use

• All cards are immediately valid

• A lost card can be deleted in seconds

• Extra card packs available from stock

• Control over access by token colour

• IPX7 rated – suitable for external use

• Up to 10,000 users on one site


Current consumption:300mA
Max Lock consumption:1000mA
Dimension (mm)P38: 38W x 78H x 12.5D
P50: 50W x 100H x 15D
P75: 75W x 143H x 16D
Cable Length:3m
Max fob packs:100



333-210P38 compact reader
353-210P50 compact reader
373-210P75 compact reader
373-220P75 compact reader, screw connector


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