MS20 Magnet Range

A British manufactured high quality range of slim transom magnets



MS20 Installation Instructions


MS20 Magnet Range



  • Transom housing for full door width/height
  • Up to 300kg hold force
  • Horizontal or Vertical
  • Current draw 250mA @ 12vdc
  • Current draw 500mA @ 24vdc
  • Unmonitored or monitored
  • Door status reed switch optional
  • Satin anodised aluminium
  • Other colours to order

Order Codes:

MS20SFUSingle flush unmonitored
MS20SFMSingle flush monitored
MS20SSU(-275mm or 1M or 2M)
MS20SSM(-275mm or 1M or 2M)
MS20DSU(-540mm or 2M)
MS20DSM(-540mm or 2M)


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