4000 Series Audio Kits

A vandal resistant range of audio kits with 12 gauge stainless steel fascia and a gun metal grey die cast frame. Kits also include the 3000 series telephone and PSU. The kit is based on the VR4K modular design and can include code access.


Vandal Resistant Audio entry kit based on the 4000 Series (Art. VR4KAM speaker) modular design incorporating two way speech, electronic call tone, lock release facility and LED indication (speak, busy and door open). The door station is available surface or flush mounting with up to 12 VR call buttons with standard engraving or bespoke engraving option. The standard finish is a 12 gauge 304 grade brushed stainless steel facia with gun metal grey front frame. A marine grade (/MG) facia is also available. The front frame is also available in silver chromium plating (/C) and gold chromium plating (/G). The telephone is wall mount with a lock release button and a three position call tone volume control. Up to 2 additional telephones can be installed in each apartment. A code lock can be added (/CL). The codelock (Art. VR4KCLM) has 2 codes, 2 changeover relay outputs and an override input. It can be programmed from 1-99 seconds or latching output. The audio kit comes with 3000 series style audiophone Art.3111 as standard and an Art.520M (13Vac/ 8-12vdc) power supply.


4000 Series Vandal Resistant Audio Kit

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Audio Kit FlushDescriptionAudio Kit Surface Description
VR4K-11 wayVR4K-1S1 way
VR4K-22 wayVR4K-2S2 way
VR4K-33 wayVR4K-3S3 way
VR4K-44 wayVR4K-4S4 way
VR4K-55 wayVR4K-5S5 way
VR4K-66 wayVR4K-6S 6 way
VR4K-77 wayVR4K-7S7 way
VR4K-88 wayVR4K-8S8 way
VR4K-99 wayVR4K-9S9 way
VR4K-1010 wayVR4K-10S10 way
VR4K-1111 wayVR4K-11S11 way
VR4K-1212 wayVR4K-12S12 way


4000 Series Vandal Resistant Audio Kit with Codelock

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Audio Kit FlushDescriptionAudio Kit Surface Description
VR4K-1/CL1 way with codelockVR4K-1S/CL1 way with codelock
VR4K-2/CL2 way with codelockVR4K-2S/CL2 way with codelock
VR4K-3/CL3 way with codelockVR4K-3S/CL3 way with codelock
VR4K-4/CL4 way with codelockVR4K-4S/CL4 way with codelock
VR4K-5/CL5 way with codelockVR4K-5S/CL5 way with codelock
VR4K-6/CL6 way with codelockVR4K-6S/CL 6 way with codelock
VR4K-7/CL7 way with codelockVR4K-7S/CL7 way with codelock
VR4K-8/CL8 way with codelockVR4K-8S/CL8 way with codelock
VR4K-9/CL9 way with codelockVR4K-9S/CL9 way with codelock
VR4K-10/CL10 way with codelockVR4K-10S/CL10 way with codelock
VR4K-11/CL11 way with codelockVR4K-11S/CL11 way with codelock
VR4K-12/CL12 way with codelockVR4K-12S/CL12 way with codelock


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