A1 Series High Security Electric Lock Gains 60 Minute Fire Test on Double Action Doors

60 Minute Fire Test A1 Lock

A1 Series High Security Electric Lock Gains 60 Minute Fire Test on Double Action Doors

In addition to its fire test on Single Action Doors, the A1 Lock has now passed a 60 Minute fire test on Double Action Doors.

Exova BM Trada fire tested A1 lock to 60 minutes for Halspan and Falcon fire products – Single, double, single action and double action door sets.

The GB Locking Systems A1 high security electronic lock, suitable for both single and double action doors. It is specified in Banks, Prisons, Hospitals, Post Offices, laboratories and more. This lock has high resistance against all forms of aggression, with resistance against lateral pressure in excess of 5500 lb force.

Why choose the 60 Minute Fire Test A1 Lock ?

1. Very high resistance against any type of agression.
– The locking components are mounted on a 10mm thick, solid, casted stainless steel baseplate.
– The locking components are hardened steel casted parts (HRC45).
– The components will lock more when pressure is applied to the bolt.
– The bolt is ejected 20mm.
– The bolt has an anti-saw pin.
– The bolt withstands very high pressure (non-destructive) both lateral as vertical.
2. Unlocking is still possible even when lateral pressure is applied.
3. The lock can be installed in the door frame (on the side or above the door) or in the door (vertically). Installation in the door frame has the advantage of not having to use a door loop.
4. The lock can be used with DIN left, DIN right and 180° doors.
5. The striker plate is a very solid casted piece with a striker cup, which makes the bolt inaccessable. An adjustable striker plate is also available (option), with the advantage of being able to easily align the striker cup with the bolt, even after installation.
6. Both 17mm europrofile cylinders and 22mm swiss cylinders can be used.
7. Very fast locking or unlocking action because of strong solenoid.
8. Due to specially designed solenoid we have a perfect balance between activation and holding current, resulting in low consumption and no heating.
9. Available in FAIL SECURE (locked without power) and FAIL SAFE (unlocked without power).
10. Printed circuit board :
– Printed circuit board protected in a plastic cup. The PCB can also be completely covered in polyurethane casted resin for protection against humidity etc.
– PCB is built into the lock and therefore does not need an external control unit.
– PCB can be reprogrammed and the following parameters could be altered at the factory :
* Number of restarts
* Time between restarts
* Relocking time after detection of the striker plate
* Relocking time when door does not open
11. Bolt and door detection built into the lock.
12. Very solid security escutcheon (with 2 x M8 screws) available.

For more information, please visit https://gblockingsystems.co.uk/locking-systems/a1-series-high-security-electro-mechanical-lock/

Manufactured by BB Locks.

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