With Videx you can create aesthetically pleasing systems in any format and for multiple configurations, allowing you to choose the best options based on cost, complexity and functionality.

    • Based on the popular 3000 series videophones the 3600 videophone is both elegant and robust, manufactured in white impact resistant ABS plastic and incorporating the latest technology and voice switching techniques.

    • A vandal resistant range of audio kits with 12 gauge stainless steel fascia and a gun metal grey die cast frame. Kits also include the 3000 series telephone and PSU. The kit is based on the VR4K modular design and can include code access.

    • The 4000 series colour video kit comes as a 1 way or 2 way video kit. The flexible design allows for the addition of up to a total of 4 entrance doors and up to 4 video handsets per call button with intercommunication between the handsets.

    • The 6000 series videophone, finished in brilliant white, includes a 2.4 inch high definition colour LCD TFT video screen as well as a number of user friendly function buttons. Suitable for one to one installations through to high rise installations making this a good all round choice for video door entry installations.

    • The re-designed 8000 Series incorporates mechanical improvements for improved weather resistance and up-dating of the electronics for more reliable operation in harsher environmental conditions.

    • A range of contemporary functional design apartment stations. Available for the popular VX2200 system and standard audio systems and can be used with the 4000 series, 8000 series and vandal resistant range of door entry panels.

    • The 5000 series Eclipse is available for the popular VX2200 sysem, 2 wire VX2300 system along with standard video systems and kits. It can be used with the 4000 series, 8000 series and vandal resistant range of door entry panels.

    • The Kristallo represents a new range of audio and video apartment units for door entry systems. Featuring a whole host of advanced features in a compact and elegant design.

    • All Videx Posts are manufactured from 80mm x 80mm brushed stainless steel and incorporate a substantial 200mm x 200mm x 8mm base plate with 4 x 14mm diameter fixing holes to secure the unit.

    • Videx GSM Audio Entry offers a truly wireless solution using mobile phone technology. Both the kits and systems are available with 1 - 50 call buttons or with a digital keypad and LCD display. These systems allow a call to be made to any mobile or land line, allowing a conversation to take place and the door or gate to be released. Extremely popular for gate systems and remote site installations as no cabling back to a telephone is required.

    • The Videx IP system is available as a convenient kit and as an expandable system which can be customised to suit the needs of any building.

    • The smart series audio and video kits comprise of a compact outdoor station available with either 1 or 2 buttons, available in flush or surface mounting (video kit surface mounting only), a power supply and 3000 Series telephone handset.

    • Primarily used on larger systems with more than 20 apartments or offices. Incorporating a telephone style keypad, a caller simply types in the apartment number to call.

    • The VR120 Series door panels (all 120mm Wide) have call progress LED’s for “Speak”, “Door Open” and “Busy” along with distinct audio reassurance tones to assist the visitor. Buttons are IP68 rated with the option of a yellow bezel offering a high contrast to the fascia for DDA (Disability Discrimination Act).

    • The introduction of the VR4K Series has been the natural progression of the 4K Series in to Vandal Resistant. This has greatly expanded the applications and flexibility of this range or equipment.

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