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Choose between Switch2 (standalone high security), Compact (standalone low security) and Net2 (online) to suit your access needs.

    • GB Locking stock Paxtons full range of Proximity Readers and Keypads

    • Net2 classic is one of a range of three Net2 control units. It is a single door access control unit and can be networked to others.

    • Paxton Net2 Entry is a smart, simple Video entry system that works standalone or alongside Paxton’s Net2 access control, combining door entry with key features of Net2

    • Paxton Net2 Entry is the simplest intercom system available, comprising just three components that offer a true plug and play solution. Amazingly easy to install, but with high design specifications, its stylish and discreet design means that Net2 Entry looks good in any environment. Customers will love its intuitive and easy to use features that are accessed via an attractive touchscreen monitor.

    • Net2 nano is one of a range of three Net2 control units. It communicates with Net2 software at a central point by a secure, low power radio link. This means that your installation is more cost effective and less disruptive as no cable is required to communicate between doors.

    • Using Net2 technology, Net2 PaxLock offers the powerful wireless Net2 system within a door handle. It combines a wireless access control unit and a reader in one. Net2 PaxLock comes ready to fit a Euro lock cylinder, meaning it is suitable for a variety of environments and refurbishment projects.

    • Net2 plus is one of three control units for the Net2 system. It is the most advanced control unit, employing the latest technology and offering huge potential for future expansion.

    • Paxton Net2 plus controller with a Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supply. PoE is a technology that allows both power and data to be passed along Ethernet cabling. Net2 plus with PoE simply plugs straight into the existing LAN using a standard RJ45 plug

    • Net2 software is designed to run on a PC with a Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating system. It is designed to feel immediately familiar to any Windows user. It will organise and report on up to 50,000 users and hundreds of doors. There are two versions of the software: Net2 Lite which is ideal for getting a system up and running and comes free of charge, and Net2 Pro which offers extra features that move beyond the basics of access control.

    • Paxton compact keypads are a single door access control system. All of the electronics are within the housing of the keypad.

    • The PROXIMITY P series compact readers are part of the Compact range from Paxton. The P series range includes three different sizes of reader.

    • Switch2 is a standalone, one door access control unit from Paxton. A Switch2 control unit is fitted on the secure side of the door, with the reader or keypad fitted on the other side.

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