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GSM Access Control

A convenient system which allows you to turn a device on or off, lock or unlock a door, simply with a call or text message from your mobile phone.

    • A simple telephone call (or text message) can remotely switch an electrical device on or off and also open or close a gate or door - and that call is free. Any call from an authorised user's number is recognised by the RC01 Switch causing it to promptly drop the call and carry out its selected action. It can, if required, send a confirmation signal that the command has been received and actioned.

    • Videx GSM Audio Entry offers a truly wireless solution using mobile phone technology. Both the kits and systems are available with 1 - 50 call buttons or with a digital keypad and LCD display. These systems allow a call to be made to any mobile or land line, allowing a conversation to take place and the door or gate to be released. Extremely popular for gate systems and remote site installations as no cabling back to a telephone is required.

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