Yoke Wiegand

Yoke Wiegand

This product is now obsolete. Please find an alternative here https://gblockingsystems.co.uk/locking/access-control-systems/gsm-access-control/


YOKE is a growing range of innovative GSM controlled data and switching modules, incorporating advanced design with state of the art miniature GSM technology. Primarily developed for mobile phone-based access control, YOKE Wiegand was introduced to offer a lower cost alternative to swipe cards or security tokens. YOKE Wiegand is attached to an access control system in the same manner as a card or token reader. Users simply call YOKE and the callers number is digitally sent to the access controller for verification before access is granted, no call charge is incurred as YOKE drops the call instantly. YOKE’s low profile and small footprint make it ideal for embedded applications. The optional IP65 rated enclosure is available for external installation.

YOKE’s easy-text protocol provides simple intuitive setup, once installed all further configuration is via sms for easy management. In most cases no further configuration is required, just add a suitable bill-pay or pre-paid network Sim card and power source, attach to a Wiegand compatible access controller, add users to the access system in the same manner as adding a swipe card or token. The recently improved Wiegand data interface makes it simpler than ever to install and setup. Typical applications include automatic gates, barriers, shutters, security doors and time-attendance monitoring.



  • Zero Call Charges
  • Simple to install, setup & run
  • 26 bit Wiegand compatible
  • Quad-Band Worldwide operation
  • Versatile user access rights (Net2 Software)
  • Small footprint 80 x 80mm board size
  • Compact IP65 rated weather-proof enclosure
  • Multi-coloured status LEDD



Paxtons Net2 platform is a sophisticated access control system capable of up to 10,000 users. Mobile phone users are managed and monitored via the free Net2 software application in the same way as swipe cards or tokens. Wiegand is a trade name for a technology used in card readers. We can supply complete YOKE/Paxton Net2 solutions for a wide range of applications.



Mobile phone controlled access system
The G2’s versatile power supply design allows it, in most cases, to source power from its host equipment. YOKE is suitable for battery, wind or solar-powered applications. YOKE’s switch relay is fully configurable and is controlled by a phone call or SMS text command. The user selects the level of security required, with restricted access enabled only users added to the modules memory can switch equipment. Unlike conventional key or card operated access systems, a lost or stolen phone does not mean security is compromised, a missing phones number could be removed within seconds using a simple text command also YOKE can be fully disabled from any mobile phone anywhere worldwide, provided you know the access code that is! Proximity is not required, YOKE can be operated from any part of the world. Its as simple as making a call.


YOKE Wiegand is available enclosed in a IP65 rated weather proof housing or as an OEM Module for embedded applications. Operating temperature range: 0 to 70°C.

Capacity 2 Amps at 250v
Relay hold time from 1 Second to 24 Hours
(Programmable by SMS).

10 to 35 Volts AC or DC (12V DC Recommended)
1 Amps peak at 12V

1 to 10,000 or more, dependant on access control software, YOKE includes additional validation for high security applications.

26 Bit Wiegand Security Access.

QUAD Band with 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Full type approved according to R&TTE CE, RoHS, WEEE registered

Paxtons Net2 Access system with options (Call for details)


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