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Winkhaus AV2-E Electronic Multipoint Lock

Winkhaus AV2-E Electronic Multipoint Lock


Automatic closing – motorized opening

The AV2-E is an automatic multi-point locking system with integrated motorised opening function. It locks automatically by way of two massive hooks and the latch. The door is opened using a key or a convenient access control system.

AUTOMATIC Multi-Point Locking System – Locks automatically but hooks can be retracted remotely via access control blueMatic AV2-E Electronic Locking system

The AV2 Autolock has the optional capability of becoming an electronic access controlled locking system. The lock is designed to accept a “screw on” 12v electronic motor which can then be controlled by means of industry standard multio ption access control systems. When activated the two solid high tensile steel hooks and central latch are withdrawn thus forming the blueMatic AV2-E.

The extreme versatility of the blueMatic AV2-E Electronic Locking system is achieved through its easy integration with all access control systems which subsequently leads to its suitability for many different applications.

Where can it be used?
Communal Doors – An ideal product for the communal door of any multi-occupancy dwelling. The householder has the ability to open the communal door through use of an audio/visual intercom system.

Sheltered Housing – The benefit of the solid high tensile steel hooks auto engaging when the door is closed allows for continuous security for the elderly even when an audio/visual intercom system is required to open the door. This maintains a “Secured by Design” level of security at all times unlike the traditional electronic latch release.

Special Needs & Disability Housing – The multi-access control integration benefits of the blueMatic AV2-E allows for its use with sophisticated products such as remote control openers, biometric readers, electronic door closers and many other disability related beneficial products, whilst never compromising its high level of security.


  • Motorised components for contact-free unlocking are already integrated or can be retrofitted
  • Suitable for all access control systems with potential-free contact
  • Automatic locking via two massive hooks
  • High security thanks to an arrested locking bolt with 25 mm visible width and claw action
  • Manual function for locking the entire system via profile cylinder – the holiday lockout function
  • Sash rebate heights available up to 2400 mm
  • Milling dimensions and keeps compatible with other Winkhaus products

Backsets 35, 45, 55 and 65mm

Available without deadbolt for communal entrance

20mm width faceplate as standard


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