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WEL-7103DUO Stand Alone Keypad / Proximity Card Lock

WEL-7103DUO Stand Alone Keypad / Proximity Card Lock


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WEL-7103 Duo Standalone Keypad / Proximity Euro Handle Lock

Main Features

2 in 1 Lock: Lock operated by keypad Pin Number or Proximity Card / Fob
Transponder: MIFARE© Classic (13.56Mhz)*
Opening modes:
1. Standard (Enter Pin or show Card, Lock opens and re-locks after 6 seconds)
2. Dual (Lock requires Card and a Pin to open)ÿ
(N.B. Pin number is not unique to the user card)
3. Toggle Mode – Single (Enter Pin or show Card to toggle lock open or closed)
4. Toggle Mode – Dual (Show Card and Enter Pin to toggle lock open or closed)
Card and Pin Numbers easily deleted with recorded slot numbers
Each lock supports up to 250 users made up of either card or Pin
Backlit Keypad in low light conditions
Smart sleep mode
Acoustic Low Power Warning
Emergency Power Pack available in case of flat batteries
Transponder reading distance: up to 20mm
Totally wire free
Easy to retrofit onto existing mortise lock cases

Technical Specification

Escutcheon size: 290mm (H) x 40mm (W) x 20.5mm (D)
Battery life: standby 3 years or 50,000 operations
Battery spec: 3 x AAA 1.5V
IP54 (For internal installation only)
Available with Euro Profile cylinder cut-out
Axis distance from handle centre to cylinder:
72mm, 85mm, 92mm
Suitable for door thickness: 38 -50 mm as standard
(Extension Packs for thicker doors are available)
Finish – Satin Stainless Steel

The Duo lock does not work on the shadow card system, it works with the same Mifare cards of fobs shown in our e-link section.
Other 3rd party MIFARE© cards or fobs may be compatible with the Duo lock but we would require samples to ascertain suitability.

*MIFARE and MIFARE Classic are trademarks of NXP B.V

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