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Vandalprox HID Reader

Vandalprox HID Reader

The VandalProx™ range is a tough and rugged proximity door reader specifically designed for external reader requirements. The new VandalProx™ reader is available in HID standard 26-bit Wiegand output form for general use by any controller accepting HID readers.


This means that VandalProx™ can be used as an external reader, with standard ABS readers for internal applications, on the same system. What’s more, VandalProx™ reads existing HID tokens and is perfect for system upgrades and refurbishments.

VandalProx™ has a single piece stainless steel enclosure with a brass housing and painted finish options. All the electronics are fully potted and enclosed for total vandal resistance and complete resistance to the elements. The readers have nonstandard screw fixings to ensure complete security.

Reader Housing Options:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Chrome
  • White Painted Steel


  • The VandalProx™ reader is designed for flat mounting directly onto an external surface such as brick, stone or metal. VandalProx™ requires only a through hole for cable connection. Each reader is supplied with a 3M flying lead and vandal resistant screws. Once installed, a strong adhesive label covers the fixing points, for increased reader security and function identification.
  • Visual indication: Standard features include a multicolored LED for visual operation as well as a sounder for audible confirmation of token acceptance, rejection and fault condition. When a proximity card is presented to the reader, the red LED flashes green.
  • Diagnostics: On reader power-up, an internal self test routine checks and verifies the set-up configuration and initialises the reader operation. An additional external loop-back test allows for the reader outputs and inputs to be verified without the use of additional test equipment.
  • Indoor/outdoor design: The VandalProx™ reader is encapsulated in a stainless steel enclosure designed to withstand harsh environments as well as provide complete vandal resistance. This allows reliable performance in all arduous environments.

Why install an ABS reader, which can be cracked, broken or just look tired and untidy when you can have a stainless steel reader, which will not lose its good looks and will resist the effects of poor weather and heavy use?


  • Typical read range (max): ProxCard® II card up to 4 cm; ISOProx® II card up to 4 cm; ProxKey™ II key fob up to 2.5 cm; ProxCard® Plus card up to 4 cm
  • Dimensions: 100 mm dia. x 18 mm deep
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Brass, Painted steel (white as standard, other colours on request)
  • Power supply: 4.75-16 Vdc, Linear power supply recommended.
  • Maximum current requirements (DC): Average 35 mA; Peak 60 mA
  • Operating temperature: -22°F to 150°F (-30° to 65° C)
  • Operating humidity: 0-95% relative humidity non-condensing
  • Weight: Unpacked (reader & cable) 350g
  • Packed weight 390g
  • Transmit frequency: 125 kHz
  • Certifications: CE
  • Cable Lead: 3m Flying lead, 6cores with overall screen
  • Cable distance: 125M feet, Recommended cable is ALPHA 1295 (22 AWG) 5 conductors stranded with overall shield or equivalent.
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