Progeny Proximity Readers

Progeny Proximity Readers



Proximity Readers


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Read range 20mm to 115mm
  • No moving parts
  • Internal or external use
  • Integrated LED
  • Photo ID option

Proximity Readers And Cards

Progeny is an authorised reseller of HID products and provides a range of proximity and contactless Smart Cards, badges, keyfobs and readers from HID designed to integrate with Progeny systems.

Proximity access control

Readers belong to the radio identification (RFID) family of identification technology. The proximity cards have an identification number encoded inside. This number is transmitted when presented to a proximity reader. The reader then passes this number on to the control equipment for an access control decision.

This is probably the most user friendly technology in that the user doesn’t need to swipe or insert the card. In some cases the card can be read while still inside the users wallet or handbag.

A range of proximity readers and cards to suit the location, environment and read range required. Also the cards are available in three styles to suit the application.

Smart card readers, such as the HID iClass range can be used to integrate various systems in to one card.  Smart cards contain data sectors, an access control system will read the data from the reserved sector of the card whilst a cashless vending machine solution would read from another sector on the same card.

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