Progeny P3 Online 65,000 Door System

Progeny P3 Online 65,000 Door System


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P3 System


P3 is an online access control system for single or multiple sites. IP connectivity gives easy reach to sites that can be anywhere in the world.


The PC based software allows live changes to be made to access profiles; you can enable/disable users with just a few clicks.


All activity on the system is monitored and recorded. A wide selection of point and click re-ports are then available to drill down onto that valuable information.


P3 systems are scalable from small to large systems; with capacity for up to 10,000 card-holders and 65,000 doors.


With a wide range of readers and credentials to choose from these systems are ideal almost any application: Health, Leisure, Commercial, Banking, Building Site and Cash Handling.



Credential, Hardware and Software level integration with other systems including membership management, T & A software, Lift Controls, Cashless vending etc…

Also Integrates with ievo Biometric Readers.



  • Fully Distributed Intelligence
  • 65,000 Doors
  • 10,000 Card Holders
  • 2000 Event Log Memory
  • 125 Access Levels per site
  • 32 Time Zones per site

Controller Features:

  • Stand Alone & Online Operation
  • 12V 5A Charger PSU
  • Non-Volatile Memory (40 years)
  • On-board Real-Time Clock
  • “Fail Secure” or “Fail Safe “Lock Drive
  • Second General Purpose Relay
  • Fire & Intruder Inputs
  • Connectivity: RS 232, USB, Ethernet (IP) & GPRS
  • 2 x Standard Reader Interfaces
  • 1 Dedicated Keyboard Interface
  • Progeny Touch Switch Compatible

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