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Progeny Crystal Readers


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Crystal Proximity Readers

The Crystal Proximity reader is a universal RFID reader which can easily be configured by the user to work with the C2, P1, P2 and P3 systems.  The readers are IP rated and are available in three styles, Switch Plate, Mullion and Panel Mount.

The Mullion readers are also available with a flying lead further enhancing the IP rating should there be a need to mount the reader externally.  Progeny readers work with Progeny Credentials which ensures compatibility, reliability and cost savings.



 Crystal Proximity Switch Plate Reader


 Crystal Proximity Mullion Reader


Crystal Proximity Panel Mount

Crystal Switch Plate

The Crystal Switch Plate reader mounts directly on to a standard UK single gang back box making it an ideal solution for first fix.  This reader is also supplied with a stainless steel cover for a different aesthetic feel.



The Crystal Mullion style reader is suitable for mounting on to door frames or posts or other locations that cannot make use of a single gang back box.  The reader is also available with a pigtail flying lead to provide extra flexibility when mounting on to surfaces that cannot be easily chased out or to provide an extra level of protection for outdoor environments.  The reader is also supplied with a stainless steel cover for a different aesthetic feel.


Crystal Panel Mount

This reader is also supplied with a stainless steel cover. This IP rated reader has standard mounting holes and is designed to fit in to an intercom or entry panel.



Spacers are available for both the switch plate and mullion versions of the Progeny Proximity readers and are made from the same durable material as the readers themselves.



Switch Plate Spacer


Mullion Spacer


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