Progeny Crystal Online Range

Progeny Crystal Online Range


Product Datasheet

Crystal High Speed / Large Memory Online System



New Controller Range – Backward compatible with the P1, P2 and P3 systems. Works with the latest version of Doors Enterprise.

Models – There are 3 different controllers in the range; the Module, the 2A Single Door and the 5A One and Two Door.

Memory – New high speed non volatile memory with long data retention has been increased as standard to 32,000 with option for 128,000.

Solid State Lock Drive – The new controllers have an additional switch that allows for some new lock driving modes that reduce relay contact wear.

Connectivity – A new expansion interface allows immediate connection of the new GPRS module as a ‘piggyback’ to the PCB.


Typical Wiring Diagram



The overall terminal block foot print remains unchanged from the P3 controller. However, an individual reader buzzer signal is now  provided to simplify wiring.

The reader interface now include native support for the Crystal Readers. Taking advantage of the simplified 4 wire two way interface.

Integrates with ievo Biometric Readers.


Card Memory

  • 32,000 as standard
  • 128,000 as an option
  • 200 year data retention
  • No card packs
  • No more site code restrictions

Card memory has been upgraded both in capacity and size. The Crystal Controller will not use card packs internally and will treat all cards as flexi cards, increasing flexi card capacity to 128,000.

Card Discovery Mode
New discovery mode features eliminates the need to download all the card data at commissioning time. The controller requests any new card data from the server as required.

Event Logging
This is increased to 8,000 events per controller.

Random Search
A new feature that allows for randomised impartial searches to be carried out. Adjustable search rate from ‘1 in 1 to 1 in 99.

Access Levels

  • Up to 4 access levels per site can be assigned to card holders
  • 250 access levels to choose from per site



The Crystal Controllers have the traditional relay to switch the +ve leg of the lock supply.

However, it also has a new Electronic Switch in the negative wire. This allows for some new lock driving modes that will reduce if not eliminate relay contact ware. The modes are:

  • Standard (relay only)
  • Protected (Relay and Electronic Switch)
  • Electronic (Electronic Switch only) VA
  • Electronic (Electronic Switch only)



The new Ethernet electronics no longer need any option links. Also, the configuration parameters has been simplified, faster and more secure.



A new expansion interface allows immediate connection of the new P3 GRPS module as a piggyback to the PCB. Other expansion modules are in the design pipeline including:

  • Simplified lift controller
  • New Input / Output


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