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P2 Software Doors Express


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P2 access controllers require a PC to program the system. The software used for programming the system is called Doors Express. The software uses Microsoft SQL database technology which provides security and reliability. The software is split into two main components:

P2 Server

Progeny P2 Server provides the link between the controllers, database and client.

Doors Express Client

Doors Express Client provides a simple interface for unlimited end users.


  • Database (SQL Server)
  • Live Event Reports
  • History Reports
  • Attendance/Absence Reports
  • Roll Call Report
  • Client Workstations
  • Photo ID Badge Printing (Fixed Design)
  • Text Alarms with Audit Trail
  • Zoned Door Release on Fire Alarm
  • Automatic Scheduled Backup
  • Automatic Scheduled Archive
  • Setup Wizard
  • ID Badge Design
  • Zoned Anti-Pass-Back
  • Floor Plan Alarms
  • Card Data Import

Automatic Setup Wizard

P2 includes a handy setup wizard which will search for doors wired into the network and add them on to the system automatically. Cards can also be added during initial set up meaning that in just a few clicks the system can be setup and running after loading the software for the first time.

Hardware Volume Control

The software allows the end user to turn down or mute the volume of the general feedback of card transactions from the reader and controller.

Hardware Feedback & Fault Monitoring

The P2 system sends the voltage readings from the controller and readers back to the PC.

Simple Card Management

An easy to use interface allows the user to quickly add cards on to the system.

Simple Attendance & Absence Reporting

Doors Express allows the user to setup reports that can show a card holders attendance.
If a more detailed attendance analysis of a card holder is required then a “Time Sheet” report can be created.

Floor Plan Alarms

In Doors Express Professional, a CAD or other suitable drawing of the building can easily be added into the system.

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