KeyPac Solo

KeyPAC Solo is a reader and access controller encapsulated in a single housing, developed to provide security to key areas without the requirement of additional equipment, such as controllers or PC’s.


Access Controller and Reader combined

Each reader includes a relay output designed to control an electronic door lock which is released when a valid card or token is presented, or the RTE button is pressed. Included with the Standard version is an additional label which can be located on the internal side of the door behind the reader, due to the extended read range of the KeyPAC Solo Standard. Upon presentation of a token or card to this label the door is unlocked. This provides a simple and cost effective method of read in/out on a single door. Requiring an external power source only, the KeyPAC Solo is quick and easy to install.


  • Easy to install and program using Master and Shadow Cards
  • Capacity of up to 2,000 users
  • Read range of up to 200mm
  • Tamper alarm feature


KeyPac Solo Standard – Black

  • Ideal for internal applications


KeyPac Solo Vandal Resistant

  • Ideal for external applications


KeyPAC Token


KeyPac ISO card


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