ES110 ANSI Electric Strike

Trimec ES110 Ansi Electric Strike
Available with faceplate for timber or aluminium frames

ES110 ANSI Electric Strike


ES110 Brochure


Unmonitored – Weather resistant

ES110 strikes are supplies with short faceplate as standard
ES110 strikes are supplied weather resistant as standard

Order codes

110111-060 12vdc fail unlocked

110112-060 12vdc fail locked

110113-060 24vdc fail unlocked


Current:43mA @ 12vdc 187mA @ 24vdc
Holding force:3000lb
Function:Fail open – fail locked site selectable



Extension lips

Used where the strike cannot be fitted at the edge of the frame.
All ES110 strikes have pre-drilled holes for lips.

Order codes

EX1125 ES110 25mm

EX1150 ES110 50mm


Rebate Plates

A rebate plate is available for the strike for a 13mm rebated door. Please note the lockcase will still need its own rebate component.


Pin & Spring Kits

Order codes

ES11P Replacement kit for ES110


Sashlocks faceplates

Faceplates are available to suit the standard European style and UK style sashlocks. Dimensions shown as on the right.
Please note distance between deadbolt cutout and latchbolt cutout. Also note that the plate is handed. Throwing the deadbolt will prevent access even if the strike is activated.

Order codes

210100-528 Sashlock faceplate UK left handed

210100-527 Sashlock faceplate UK right handed

210100-539 Sashlock faceplate Euro right handed

210100-528 Sashlock faceplate Euro left handed



Order code

RM1 Used where AC voltage is being used. Usually with a telephone entry system which are normally AC output.





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