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E100 Surface Mount Shearlock

E100 Surface Mount Shearlock


Heavy duty Stainless Steel Surface Mount Shearlock to suit single and double action doors with a holding force of 2000 lbs. 12v or 24v DC.

  • Stainless steel surface mount shearlock to suit single and double action doors
  • Fail Unlocked
  • Dimensions: Magnet 146mm x 63mm x 63mm, Armature 146mm x 63mm x 74mm
  • Current Values: 500mA @ 12v, 250mA @ 24v

Both parts of the lock must be placed in the same plane as per fig 1. If not, packing blocks up to 75mm can be used as per fig 3.
If a packing block is requried, please contact the sales office with the dimensions and they will be included free of charge.
Fig 2 shows the base of the unit is flush with the underside of the transom and at least 20mm from the leading edge of the door.

RAM2001-SS Electromagnetic Lock. Magnetic Lock 2000 lbs force

Optional Extras:

Stainless Steel APG Glass Mounting Kit

RAM2001-S-APG Surface Mount Shearlock 12mm APG Kit

Brass APG Glass Mounting Kit

RAM2001-PB-APG Surface Mount Shearlock 12mm APG Kit


Shearlock also available with brass finish, please enquire.

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