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DG800 Plus – Bluetooth Access Control

DG800 Plus – Bluetooth Access Control


GB Locking System’s DG800 Plus allows you to control access with your smartphone. Using Bluetooth, up to 200 users can be supported per unit.


The designated administrator is able to manage access rights to the door.

You can choose to release the door when the Bluetooth enabled device is within a certain distance of the door or when a button is pressed on the app.

In addition to Bluetooth, you can also gain access with an EM proximity fob or with a programmable four digit code.


Dimensions: 120x76x21 mm

Operating Voltage: 12 VDC

IP Rating: 65

Material: Die-cast Aluminium – Vandal Resistant

2 LED displays with audible indication

Current draw: Pull in @ 100mA/12Vdc; Holding @ 70mA/12Vdc. Pull in @ 50mA/24Vdc; Holding @ 35mA/24Vdc.

Code Length: 4 (Keypad is backlit for ease of use)

Input: Request-to-Exit, time out reed switch contact.

Output: N.O./N.C/Com.

Relays rating: 2A [email protected], [email protected]

RF frequency: EM 125 KHz.

RF Read range: 5cm (in noise free environment)

Relay strike time: 01~99 seconds or toggle mode (00).


Proximity fobs and cards to suit

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