Colour Card Printers

GB Locking Systems range of colour badge / card ID printers.



Primacy Brochure


3 Year Warranty as standard


Primacy delivers cards in runs, thanks to 100-card capacity input and output hoppers.

These modules are conveniently located at the front of the printer and can be accessed easily and monitored at a glance.

Primacy is the very first printer in its category to offer this level of performances through such a compact size and footprint.

The printer also ensures top-notch printing quality at an unmatched printing speed



Shipped with the Evolis Premium Suite® software solution, Primacy makes self-adjustments when in operation.

Users benefit from screen-based alert pop-ups, while 24/7 online help is available just a click away.

Cards can be simply loaded at the printer’s front side. Ribbons are available in a cassette system that can easily be dropped into the printer. Each ribbon is automatically set and identified.



Primacy benefits from the expertise and proven quality standards of Evolis. This enables optimized operations and perfect results. Evolis’ strong commitment to quality is legendary, and is echoed by a

3-year warranty.


Print Quality:300 dpi Print Head
Printing Speed:190 – 225 cards per hour in colour (Single Sided Print)
600 – 850 cards per hour in monochrome (Single Sided Print)


Evolis Primacy Card Printer




Zenius Brochure


2 Year Warranty (printer and print head)

The Zenius is an easy to use cost effective printer, ideal for the needs of small organisations that print badges in lower volume or just once in a while. Supplied with drivers for Windows 7, XP SP2 or later & Vista.

The Zenius is supplied with a 30 days trial of the eMedia CS card design software. After the 30 day trial you can upgrade the software licence for a cost.


Print Quality:300 dpi Print Head
Printing Speed:from 120 – 150 cards per hour in colour
400 – 500 cards per hour in monochrome





The printers have a built in cleaning cycle. 
A warning light will light up on the printer’s
display panel to warn you that the printer 
needs cleaning within the next 100 passes.
If the warning light starts flashing because 
the cleaning cycle has not been performed
the warranty will be invalidated due to 
excessive printing between cleaning cycles.


Colour card printer cleaning kit

Cleaning Kit – 5 Cards & Swabs


Primacy:Colour YMCKO (R5FOO1EAA)Ribbon (250 cards)
Primacy:Monochrome (RCT011NAA)Ribbon (1000 cards)
Zenius:Colour YMCKO (R5FOO1EAA)Ribbon (100 cards)
Zenius:Monochrome (RCT011NAA)Ribbon (1000 cards)



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