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2-Door Expansion Modules

Expand your Centaur system with the CA-A470-A. Centaur’s E-Bus technology allows any expansion module to be located up to 1220m (4000ft) away from the CT-V900-A. Thus reducing field-wiring costs by running only one cable to the CT-V900-A. Reader, Keypad, Door Contact, REX device and Reader Outputs can be connected locally to the CA-A470-A by installing the expansion module close to the doors.


• 2 readers and/or keypads

• 2 lock outputs

• 4 Inputs (door contacts and REX devices)

• Adds 2 doors to the CT-V900-A

• Up to three CA-A470-A modules per CT-V900-A

• 6 reader outputs (Red/Green LEDs, Buzzer)

• E-Bus connectivity to the CT-V900-A up to 1220m (4000ft)

• Supports Wiegand, Magnetic Stripe Track II ABA, BCD keypad formats

• Auxiliary current: 500mA

• Power: 16Vac (40VA)

• Battery backup (Not included): 12Vdc (7Ah recommended)

• Comprehensive LED status indicators

Input Specifications:

• Reader Inputs/Ports: 2

• Keypad Inputs/Ports: 2

• Multi-purpose Inputs: 4

Output Specifications:

• Lock outputs: 2 form C relays

• Rated at 5A/30Vdc, N.C./N.O.

• Reader Outputs: Six 25mA

• Transistor outputs




RS-232 to RS-485 Converter



USB to RS-485 Converter

The CA-A360-A RS-485 Converter, installed between the Centaur Server and the CT-V900-A controllers, permits a “daisy-chain” configuration thus extending the maximum distance to 1220m (4000ft).

Transmit, Receive and Power LEDs provide visual indication of the module’s status.

Required when the distance between the Centaur Server and the nearest CT-V900-A controller is more than 8.5m (25ft).


• Converts RS-485 protocol to RS-232 (CA-A360-A)

• Converts RS-485 protocol to USB or RS-232 protocol (CA-A360-USB CAB)

• Communicate with a CT-V900-A controller up to 1220m (4000ft) away.

• Utilizes 2 twisted pair UTP cable (Cat 5)

• Transmit, Receive and Power status LEDs

• On-board End-Of-Line (EOL) and BIAS jumpers

• 2m (6ft) 9-Pin D-Sub RS-232 connector included

• Power Requirements: 12Vdc

• Current consumption: 100mA max.

• Selectable baud rate: 9600 or 19200 bps




TCP/IP to RS-232 Converter

Minimize field wiring costs by using existing LAN cabling.
We have the solution at a very aggressive price. This unit
enables RS-232 serial devices such as the CT-V900-A to
communicate over a local area network.


• Converts TCP/IP protocol to RS-232

• Simple programming & setup

• Static IP Addressing

CA-ETHR-A Box• RJ-45 connection to the LAN

• Comprehensive LED status indicators

• RS-232 serial connector supplied

• Uses common communication software for setup

• Supports TCP/IP, HTTP, ICMP and ARP protocols

• Ethernet Compatibility: Version 2.0/IEEE 802.3

• 10 MBPS – Half Duplex 9600, 19200 and 
38400 serial baud rates

• Serial Line format: 8 data bits, 1 Stop bit, 
No Parity

• PCB Dimensions: 10cm x 6.4cm (4in x 2.5in)





Relay Expansion Modules

Each CA-A460-P relay module adds 7 relays to
the CT-V900-A up to a maximum 16 relays
(2 x CA-A460-P +
2 CT-V900-A on-board relays = 16 relays)


• Outputs: 7 form C relays rated at
5A/28 Vdc, N.C./N.O.

• Maximum 2 CA-A460-P modules per CT-V900-A controller

• Connects directly to the CT-V900-A expansion bus (E-BUS)

• Connects up to 1220m (4000ft.) from the CT-V900-A controller

• Power input: 12 Vdc

• Current consumption: 50mA (typical), 400mA (maximum)



Tracker LCD Module


Designed to specifically work with Pro-Report’s
time and attendance feature, the CK-TRAK-L acts
as a “monitor” to display the date, time and
“Punch In / Punch Out” to the employee/card user.


• Adjustable backlight and contrast

• Supports multiple language displays

• Display unit for time and attendance

• 32-character LCD display
(2 lines – 16 characters each)

• Connect up to 8 CK-TRAK-L to the CT-V900-A controller E-Bus

• Can be used with Anti-passback applications to display card locations

• Power input: 9 to 16Vdc

• Current consumption: 80mA maximum

• LCD: Super Twisted Nematic display (STN)

• Wide viewing angle





RS-485 Network Hub

Enables “star” type network configuration of the
RS-485 bus. Excellent for large or multi-floor
buildings/sites where a “daisy chain” RS-485
configuration is not feasible. Locate the CA-A370-P in a central location along an existing RS-485 network and run 4 individual RS-485 networks out to the controllers or expansion modules.


• RS-485 “star” configuration is a snap

• Provides a higher network isolation from noise

• LED status indicators for power, network and port activity

• Create 4 independent RS-485 networks from 1 RS-485 network

• Connects to the CT-V900-A RS-485 and E-Bus communication ports

• Connect controllers or expansion modules up to 1220m (4000ft) from the hub

• Power Requirements: 10 to 14.6Vdc

• Current consumption: 190 mA typical

• Operating temp: -10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)



Destination Reporting Module

The DRM eliminate elevator cab tailgating. Each rider must present their card to select a floor button. Once a card is presented, the user can only select one floor. Once the floor is selected, all other floor selection buttons are de-activated. The user must present is card again in order to select another floor. Each card swipe and individual floor selection is recorded by the system.


• Connects directly onto the CA-A480-A elevator controller

• One-card swipe, one-floor operation

• 16 floor-selection inputs and LED indicators

• Records Valid and Invalid floor selections

• Power input: 5Vdc

• Current consumption: 28mA (typical), 108mA (max)

• Inputs: 16 floor selection inputs

• Select activation LED: Yes (16 LEDs)

• DC input activation: 15Vdc (minimum), 165Vdc (max)

• Connection method: 14-way Flat Cable to CA-A480-A

• Input response time: 700mS


Lock Control Module

Lock Control Module

The CA-A110-P has been specifically designed to reduce installation time and simplify the connection of electromagnetic locks or in conjunction with door strikes. It is directly inserted into the CT-V900-A’s lock terminals.


• Simplifies the installation of dual-locking doors (2 mag locks or mag lock and door strike)

• 2 form C relay lock outputs

• 2 relay status LEDs

• Connects directly to the CT-V900-A lock output terminals:

• Current consumption: 100mA

• Lock outputs: 2 form C relays rated at 5A/12Vdc, N.C./N.O

Destination Reporting Module

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