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Atrium Online Access Control System

Atrium Online Access Control System

ATRIUM Access Control is a simple to use and quick to install Online Access Solution for 1-100 Doors and up to 10,000 Users


Atrium System Brochure


ATRIUM Online Access Control (Webserver Enabled)

ATRIUM Access Control is a simple to use and quick to install Online Access Solution for 1-100 Doors and up to 10,000 Users, with built in card enrolment from any connected reader, embedded webserver and the dedicated software, ATRIUM offers great flexibility and is incredibly intuitive to use. ATRIUM Access Control is available anytime, anywhere on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet. Supplied with a 5 Year Warranty.





ATRIUM AC-22 –The ATRIUM is an easy-to-use and powerful access control system (Up to 100 Doors ). The AC22 main controller’s comes with an on-board Ethernet port with AES 256-bit encryption (Military Grade). It also includes a 2Amp Switchmode universal power supply and features an RS-485 auto-detection communication bus eliminating the need for confusing jumper and DIP switch settings. Keep RS-485 cable expenditures to a minimum using common 4 conductor quad cable for expansion controllers.

Here are the main features:.

  • Embedded Web Server
  • 3.5mp 24vdc Switchmode universal power supply
  • Quick and easy card enrolment procedure (No PC required)
  • Smart and unique auto-detection card reader format
  • Auto-resume fuseless technology
  • Auto-detect hardware modules (No DIP Switch)
  • Ultra-fast firmware update (less than 10 seconds)
  • User friendly Software: – Intuitive and Flexible Schedule Configuration (100 Schedules each supporting 100 time periods) – Smart Holiday Definition – Smart Door Configuration

AC22 Manual


ATRIUM AX-22 – is the expansion board for the ATRIUM system, up to four AX22 door expanders increase the AC22 main controller’s capacity to 10 doors. Locate the AX22 anywhere on the communication bus in a star, bus or a combination connection and effortless auto-detect technology identifies the AX22 on the communication bus. A 2Amp Switchmode universal power supply is included with every AX22 making this unit an industry leader in efficiency and simplicity.

Here are the main features:.

  • Control 2 doors / readers
  • Auto-detect hardware modules
  • 1220m (4000ft) 4 conductor RS-485 expansion bus (No jumpers or DIP switches)
  • Field-selectable lock outputs: Dry contact N.C/N.O., 28Vac/dc 5A -12V, 750mA (Supervised and protected)
  • Wiegand & ABA Track II magnetic stripe compatible
  • 10 Inputs (20 using zone doubling technology)
  • Comprehensive LED status indicators

AX22 Manual





Atrium Webserver

The innovative ATRIUM embedded web server is fast, simple and secure as can be. From any place in the world, you can do tasks like:

  • user/card management
  • lock/unlock doors instantly
  • view system events.

The embedded web server provides instant results using any recent web browser, smart phone or iPad.

Atrium on Tablet

Webserver Quick Start

Cards & Key Fobs

CDVI offer some of the most cost effective access control cards & key fobsPPC Tags. Ranging from proximity cards and key fobs your system can be economic to purchase and run.


Metal Key Fobs

CDVI now have a metalised key fob that is both eligant and the toughest key fob on the market, sure to add a quality feel to any installation it also carry’s a true lifetime warranty.

Metal Tag


Atrium Software (Free of Charge)

ATRIUM Software is simplistic and powerful, with great navigation that you can layout exactly the way you like, administering the system becomes a pleasure more than a chore. ATRIUM is self detecting and configures itself the moment you switch on with auto syncronising of cards added offline and via the web server. With powerful configuration and more new features coming soon, your access control is secure with ATRIUM.

Version 3.0 New Features:

  • Email Notification
  • IP Camera Integration
  • Intruder Alarm Integration

CDVI Designer Series Readers MOONAR/NANO/STAR/SOLAR Wiegand Only

CDVI Introducing CDVI’s latest reader developed for the installer with a clear focus on style and functionality at the forefront of product design. Having won two prestigious design awards in America and Europe it is sure to please, from the deceptively small NANO, to the super slim STAR.NANO Reader
The new range of reflective backlit readers are available as standard in white and available to order in black to compliment any new or current access control system and building architecture combination. These units are designed for internal or external use and benefit from a fully encapsulated PCB in epoxy resin, impervious to water damage. Our new readers have a multitude of technological benefits behind their striking design and are backed by CDVI’s Limited Lifetime Warranty*


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