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Budget Door Hold Open Magnets


hold open magnet

Hold open s/s magnet & armature
Available surface or flush mount


hold open magnet

Surface mount s/s hold open magnet


hold open magnet

Hold open magnet
Floor mount


hold open magnet

Hold open magnet & armature
Wall mount


hold open magnet

Wall mount hold open magnet
White / brass finish



Emergency breakglass units


breakglass unit

BG1 Green breakglass
BG2 Green breakglass – resettable
BG3 Double pole
BG4 Double pole – resettable


tamper cover for breakglass

Tamper cover for breakglass


replacement glass

Replacement glass for BG1




Keyswitches & Door Loops



Keyswitches for single euro or oval cylinders. Available surface s/s mount with maintained or momentary microswitches.

surface door loop

Surface door loop armoured


9000DM silver bar



9000DM/PTE Silver (press to exit)
9000DM Silver (no engraving)

Designed to release a fail safe locking device such as an electromagnetic lock. The standard bar length is 800mm which can be reduced to 650mm if required. The bar comes with a double pole microswitch and as an extra, can be engraved to your requirements.



Other Accessories
battery back upBAT2.2AHBattery back up12vdc 2.2amp hour
(use two for 24vdc)
175 x 30 x 60
battery back upBAT7AHBattery back up12vdc 7amp hour
(use two for 24vdc)
150 x 60 x 65
ultra-universal2VHR – AT182Very handy Universal RelayInput 9.5V – 30V AC or DC

5 amps at 250 vac
5 amps at 28 vdc

52 x 48 x 27H
LED Door IndicatorINLT2LED Door IndicatorStainless steel
red/green LEDs
85 x 85 x 39
Surface housing for INLT23E0610-1Surface housing for INLT2Stainless steel85 x 85 x 38
Timer PCBRELACDCTTimer PCB 1 -60 seconds12-24vdc input
Rated: 8A @ 24vdc
45 x 70 x 20
Timer PCBTRMV1Timer PCB 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 & 24 minutes or seconds12-24vdc input.
Rated: 8A @ 24vdc
53 x 48 x 19
Time delay relay moduleTDRMTime delay relay moduleTime delay 2 secs to 2 mins
Time active 2 secs to 2 mins
Rated: 6A @ 24vdc
84 x 52 x 19
Interlock boardTIM6DICentral interlock interface board for up to 6 doors (6 x TIMV4)12-24vdc 80mA active current.
One inhibit output per door accommodating up to 6 doors
141 x 110 x 20
Interlock interfaceTIMV4Interlock and timer add-on interface board12-24vdc 80mA active current.
Timer up to 2 mins
Rated 8A @ 30vdc
105 x 75 x 30
Two door interlockTIMHSTwo door interlock for controlling in and out access12-24vdc 80mA active current
Rated 6A 24vdc
Lock timer 5 or 10 secs
178 x 122 x 36
Enclosure for PCB boardsENC/LARGELarge enclosure for PCB boardsHinged metal box330 x 330 x 80
Enclosure for PCB boardsENC/SMALLSmall enclosure for PCB boardsHinged metal box250 x 225 x 80
digital timerTH827-12Digital timer12vdc weekly and daily digital time clock60 x 60 x 30


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