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Abloy 351U80 Electric Lock Suitable for Double Action Doors – Horizontal or Vertical Mounting


The locking prism is held in the locking position by spring force. When the door closes, the prism engages with the striking plate.

As the electric strike is energised, the prism is fixed into position and the door is locked.

In models with integrated door contact, locking actuation to “door closed” status, operated by the door contact, can be restricted.

The integrated armature contact (25 V/1 A) can be used to electronically monitor locking status.

System requirements: Swing door closer with adjustable closing pressure and closing speed which securely positions the door leaf ready for locking.

Overview of Advantages

  • DIN left and right usable
  • Keep pre-load max.: 5000 N
  • Break-in resistance: 5000 N
  • Mounting distance between face plate and striking plate 3 mm (min. 2 mm, max 4,5 mm)
  • 4 Adhesive spacers
  • Monitoring contact integrated in housing




Technical Data




Technical Data


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