351M.80 Lock

Abloy 351M.80 Motorised lock designed for double or single action doors, genuine fail-safe releases under a side pressure of up to 5000N


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Electric Bolt 351m.80

The 351M.80 is a motorized bolt to be used for double acting or single acting swing doors. 351M.80 operates in fail safe mode. Suitable for concealed mounting in door leaf or door frame. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Contacts for door monitoring and locked monitoring are potential free.


As soon as the door stays in aligned position with the lock, the prism shaped bolt moves motorized into the strike plate and locks the door. As long as power is on, the bolt is locked.

As soon as the power is switched off, the bolt gets immediately unlocked and the door is accessible. When moving the door, the V-shaped strike plate slides the bolt in – without electric power.


  • Designed for double acting and single acting swing doors
  • Motorized locking
  • Silent operation
  • Vertically or horizontally mounting
  • 5000 N holding force
  • Operates with up to 5000N of side pressure
  • Multi Voltage: 12 V DC – 48V DC
  • Door monitoring
  • Locked monitoring
  • Dimensions compatible to 351U80


  • Factory tested: 1,000,000 cycles
  • CE Certified applied
  • EltVTR applied (german directive
  • NFS 61937 applied (french standard)
  • Suitable for fire door application (note domestic standards)

351M.80 drawing

351M.80 table

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