Electronic Rack Handle Lock for Data Cabinets

RCI Electronic Rack Handle Lock for Data Cabinets

Electronic Rack Handle Lock for Data Cabinets

The 3525 Electronic Rack Handle Lock provides the functionality of a manual latching system with the added benefit of electronic locking for access control and remote monitoring.

It can be combined with any access control device for a basic self contained electronic access solution. Alternatively, the electronic rack handle can provide access control to networked rack control and monitoring systems for addressable remote access control over the internet.

Electronic Rack Handle Lock Case Study

Working with an IT security department to secure their various Data Racks, while providing the ability for remote access to cabinets.
• Required integration into the existing switched racks power distribution unit (PDU’s)
• Solution needed to fit into current mechanical handles, with minimal door modification
• Required status monitoring of the handles position (locked, opened, keyed)
• The manual latching system, electronic locking capabilities and remote monitoring made the 3525 Electronic Rack Handle the ideal solution
• The 12VDC operation of the 3525 rack handle allowed for easy integration with the PDU’s
• The 3525 electronic rack handle provided a quick retrofit of the existing mechanical handles keeping the same look and operation
• The built in monitoring status switches provided all the necessary alarm outputs for the IT Manager/Security Manager
• The built in Key override on the 3525 rack handle provided the manual access for opening the data cabinets in an emergency

For more information please visit https://gblockingsystems.co.uk/locking-systems/3525-electronic-locking-rack-handle/.

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