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An emergency signalling system for handicapped persons.

AIDALARM disabled toilet alarm

The unit comes in two versions, A600LKITB is powered by 6 x AA batteries and the A600LKITM which can be either mains powered or 12vdc.

Both operate in a similar way and can give audible and visual indication at or near the point of call. Both units have adjustable tones, the A600LKITB has a low battery condition monitor and the A600M is fitted with a relay for remote monitoring.

Pulling the cord or pressing the call button generates an immediate alarm. Visual indication is given by the flashing high brightness LED’s. An acknowledge LED is also illuminated on the pull cord or call button.

A SILENCE / RESET button is included on the front panel.

• Audible & visual indication

• Dual voltage operation

• Disabled toilets and bathrooms

• Remote signalling output

• Range of accessories

A600LKITB AIDALARM disabled toilet alarm

A100FKITR AIDALARM disabled toilet alarm


Product Codes
A600LKITBKit includes reset button and pull cord
A100FKITRFlush mount s/s panel with pull cord & reset
A600LKITMSurface mount 240vac/12vdc aidalarm button
S1600Non latching pull cord with LED
S1708AWall mounted reset button
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