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AccuFACE Facial Recognition

AccuFACE Facial Recognition

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IR-based Embedded Facial Recognition System

AccuFACE ® is a truly embedded facial recognition system designed for Access Control, Time & Attendance and User Authentication applications. Powered by an advanced video capturing system design, and Near-Infared (NIR) facial recognition technologies, AccuFACE provides superior accuracy and reliability over traditional facial recognition systems under varying light conditions.

Superior Accuracy with fast verification

  • 99% accuracy at default threshold
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  • Differentiates between identical twins

Self Contained System

  • Embedded platform with built in processor and memory
  • No external computer/controller is needed for operation

Easy Installation

  • IP-based, less cables and components to install
  • Interfaces directly to existing card readers, access control, electric gates, turnstiles and other devices


  • Interfaces with 26bit wiegand card readers and keypads enabline 1:1 verification
  • Can be used with 3rd party access control systems
  • Support different communication protocols (TCP/IP, standard &proprietary Wiegand, RS-232 and more)


  • Completely contactless, no need to press any keys
  • On-screen graphical display to assist user with positioning
  • Can be programmed by remote control keypad to simplify standalone mode operation

Ready for Demanding Requirements

  • Stores up to 64,000 user templates internally
  • Handles high volume authentication transactions
  • Works up to 10,000 Luxs light condition


Applications of AccuFACE


AccuFACE System Applications

Time & Attendance, Access Control and User Authentication
Sample Installation Sites 


• Banks

• Office premises

• Construction sites

• Government buildings

• Laboratories

• Prisons

• Residential Apartments

• Schools

• Warehouses


AccuFACE System Performance Specifications


Technology PSP Security developed NIR Facial Recognition Technology
User Enrolment Time < 10 seconds
User Verification Time < 1 second
False Acceptance Rate < 0.001% at default threshold
False Rejection Rate < 0.5% at default threshold
User Post Tolerance 15 degrees for Tilt, Yaw and Roll
Verification Methods Card/PIN & Facial, Card/PIN & Photo
Operation Modes Standalone, Network, Internet/WIFI
SDK Software Development Kit available




  • External relay output board
  • Custom made external housings available
  • EasyManager software, for central management of multiple units


AccuFACE Model


 TA SeriesFS SeriesEFR Series
Model TA-300 FS-300 T1A, T1B, T1C
Applications T&A, UA T&A, AC, UA T&A, AC, UA
1:1 Mode User Capacity up to 1,000 up to 1,000 up to 64,000
1:N Mode User Capacity 300 300 300


T&A = Time & Attendance, AC = Access Control, UA = User Authentication


Other Features


  • Functions in low light conditions
  • Supports users with glasses
  • Not affected by background distortion
  • High tolerance to changes in hairstyles, scars, beards & make up
  • AccuFACE can accurately record up to 50,000 system events and take a snapshot if required (including denied access)


AccuFACE System Specifications


Dimension 84 (W) x 88 (D) x 174 (H)mm
Weight 500g
Power Supple DC 12V / 1.2A
Tamper Alarm Built in tamper alarm sounder
Network 1 x RJ-45
Digital I/0

2 inputs (door sensor, exit switch), 2 outputs (relay, alarm)

Wiegand Interface 1 x input, 1 x output
Serial Interface RS 232, RS 485
Network Protocol TCP / IP, DHCP, HTTP, NTP, HTTPS
Communication Protocol Wiegand 26/34 bit, Proprietary Wiegand (e.g. 37 bit)
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 degrees C (32 to 122 degrees F)
Operating Humidity 20 - 95 % relative humidity
Regulatory Compliance
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