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Abloy Motorised Lock EL/PE 590

The EL 590 is a motorised bolt to be used for wooden or metal doors with a latch bolt.  Inside handle operates at all times or can be controlled electrically in two way access controlled doors. Fall locked outside and free egress from inside when handle fitted.  The PE 590 has the same features as the EL 590 but meets EN 1125 when used with the PBE-002 panic bar.



• Easily reversible dead bolt and trigger bolt
• Deadbolt throw can be configured to 14 or 20mm
 (PE590: 14mm only)
• Inside handle operates at all times or can be controlled
 electrically in two way access controlled doors
(electrically controlled handle
won't meet EN179 or EN1125)
• Retrofits mechanical Scandinavian mortice locks 


• Meets EN179 and EN1125 for emergency and panic exits
and EN1634-1 for fire resistance doors (when inside handle can be
operated at all times and installed with suitable hardware)
• Tested to mechanical resistance standard EN12209
• Tested to draft standards prEN14846


• Bolt position, handle operation and request to exit (RQE).
• For cylinder indication additional component required 950885.

EL590 PE590drawing


EL590 PE590table1

EL590 PE590table2


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