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6000 Series Videophone

6000 Series Videophone

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The 6072 Videophone is designed for use in conjunction with the established VX2200 digital door entry system and has been created to bridge the price gap between audio and video installations. Suitable for one to one installations through to high rise installations making this a good all round choice for video door entry installations. The videophone, finished in brilliant white, includes a 2.4 inch high definition colour LCD TFT video screen as well as a number of user friendly function buttons. These include two service push buttons, a door open push button, a camera recall push button, a call tone volume switch with mute position and brightness control. Programmable settings include video mode, ring melody, address and number of rings. Adjustments can also be made to picture hue, contrast, brightness, call tone and microphone volume. Designed with the installer in mind all connections are plug in type and the unit only requires a minimum of 6 wires which makes it suitable for use with CAT5 cable up to a distance of 100m or telephone cable where longer distances are required.


Videophones for VX2200 Digital System

Art. 6072

Intelligent videophone incorporating a 2,4” full colour active matrix LCD monitor, with “camera recall”, “door open/concierge call”, 2 “service” buttons plus 2 LEDs one for generic use (door opening usually) and one to indicate privacy service enabled. Programmable settings: video mode (coax or balanced), melody and number of rings. Adjustments: call tone volume (2 levels plus privacy position), microphone volume, picture hue, contrast and brightness.

Videophones for "4+1" Video Door Entry System (no coax)

Art. 6031

Videophone incorporating a 2,4” full colour active matrix LCD monitor, with “camera recall”, “door open” and 2 “service/camera recall” buttons (each button can be set to work as service or camer recall button).
Adjustments: call tone volume switch (3 levels), picture hue, contrast and brightness.


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