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Pagetek 2

Pagetek 2

Budget 4 zone programmable paging system kit

Budget kit for use in a wide variety of applications including security, nursecall, access control & plant monitoring. These units are normally supplied as a kit which includes a numeric display pager and a quarter wave aerial.


  • Budget 4 zone UHF transmitter
  • Numeric & tone vibrate paging
  • Mains powered or DC models
  • Ranges of up to 1 mile
  • Ready to go kit complete with numeric pager & aerial


Pagetek2 pager kit



SCPUHFGNR12vdc Pager Kit
PSCPGNRMains Pager Kit
GEON8TMAdditional pager


Pagetek2 pager kit


The current 12-24vdc version of this transmitter is perfectly suited to primary cell or lead acid battery operation as their standby current is below 300 micro amps.

A main powered version is also available with optional battery back up to cover in the event of mains future.

The transmitter is equipped with 4 volt-free trigger inputs which can be operated in a normally open or closed mode.

Zone 4 is also able to support a 12v +ve trigger. When a zone is triggered, the pagers will display the active zone number together with an identifying beep type or vibrating pattern.

The transmitter can be configured to send repeat calls at preset intervals.


 Mains ModelDC Model
Dimensions:328 (H) x 190 (W) x 78 (D)185 (H) x 140 (W) x 42 (D)
Wall mounting centres:273.5 (H) x 152 (W) 130 (H) x 110 (W)
Clearance:Allow 200mm top & bottomAllow 150mm top & bottom
Power input:90-230vac - 5A fused spur12-14vdc - 0.5A



Why UHF?
UHF frequencies provide an incredibly high degree of reliability in terms of signalling success 
within an industrial environment, whilst using very small unobtrusive aerials.
The Pagetek2 uses the same digital signalling system employed by most wide area paging 
systems which is accepted to be amongst the most sophisticated and reliable in the world.
EN300 224 & EN60950 Standards.
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